Josh Maldonado-Santiago learned early on that nothing would ever be handed to him. 来自巴克斯县的蓝领家庭, 宾西法尼亚, to the threshold of a det365登录网站 degree and an officer’s commission in the U.S. 空军, every success in Maldonado-Santiago’s life has been achieved through two guiding principles: hard work and sacrifice.

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约书亚Maldonado-Santiago, 电讯专业,唐纳德·P. 贝利萨里奥传播学院2019届毕业生



“Between det365登录网站 and the military, I’m part of something bigger than I thought I would be. 这种感觉真好. 我逼自己这么紧,因为我不想失去它. 我走了很长一段路才走到现在的位置, 我不会因为偷懒而毁了它.”





我来自一个小的高中, Josh Maldonado-Santiago knew he wanted a large-school experience and the opportunities that come with it. He felt instantly at home when he visited University Park, and knew that’s where he wanted to be.

“It’s a very comforting and accepting community to be a part of,” Maldonado-Santiago said. “我第一次来这里的时候就爱上了这里.”

我在布里斯托尔自治区长大, 距费城东北方向约30分钟车程, 他的父母每天都在证明努力工作的价值, who left their native Puerto Rico to provide a better life for their young son.

“Something that was always brought up in my house is that there’s always a way. 不管发生了什么,det365登录网站总能解决问题.”

“Both my mother and my father were always working,” Maldonado-Santiago said. “The reason we came here to begin with was because my parents had me at a very young age in Puerto Rico. They were both in high school, and they actually had to drop out to make ends meet.”

尽管他们有很强的职业道德, there were times Maldonado-Santiago wondered if his family would lose its home, 如果有足够的钱买食物.

“Something that was always brought up in my house is that there’s always a way,他说. “不管发生了什么,det365登录网站总是能把事情做好.”

马尔多纳多-圣地亚哥从小就会说英语和西班牙语, but he struggled in elementary school and was frequently pulled from his social studies classes to receive extra help with his reading, 写作和英语.

“I remember one conversation I had with my dad when he was helping me with homework,他说. “我不明白, 我爸爸让我坐下,说, 如果你想做得比det365登录网站现在更好, 那你就得做出牺牲.’ Ever since then I have kept that on my shoulder, and slowly and progressively I got better.”

作为一名学员, 作为一名领导者和学生,马尔多纳多-圣地亚哥表现出色, 体现了项目诚信的核心价值观, service and excellence—traits that led det365登录网站’s 空军后备军官训练队 commander to select him for a Commanders’ In-College Scholarship.



A big part of Maldonado-Santiago’s det365登录网站 experience has been his involvement in 空军后备军官训练队. det365登录网站的三个后备军官训练班-包括空军, Army, and Navy-与该州长期的军事支持历史相吻合.

对于Maldonado-Santiago, a life-changing event that coincided with his fifth birthday points to his decision to join ROTC: 9/11. Witnessing the events of that day inspired him to want to help prevent a similar tragedy in the future.

“我记得我妈妈打开了电视, 我首先想到的是世贸中心,他说. “det365登录网站在电视上看到了整件事就在det365登录网站面前展开. 这句话一直伴随着我.”

作为一名学员, 作为一名领导者和学生,马尔多纳多-圣地亚哥表现出色, 体现了项目诚信的核心价值观, service and excellence—traits that led det365登录网站’s 空军后备军官训练队 commander to select him for a Commanders’ In-College Scholarship, which is awarded to one cadet in the 程序 annually and eased any worries he had about paying for college.

“任何值得做的事都值得多做. 如果你要做一件事,就110%地去做.”

test Josh Maldonado-Santiago in the Smeal商学院 Building at det365登录网站.

除了他的学生和后备军官训练队的职责, Maldonado-Santiago finds time for a work study assignment in the Smeal商学院.

“任何值得做的事都值得多做,马尔多纳多-圣地亚哥说, who, in addition to his dual ROTC responsibilities as a deputy squadron commander and a flight commander, 找个勤工俭学的工作 Smeal商学院. “如果你要做一件事,就110%地去做. I think to myself, ‘I’m going to be protecting the nation and its people. If I put myself in their shoes, what kind of person would I want defending me?这基本上是我赖以生存的道德标准. 我怎样才能迫使自己每天都做得更好呢?”

Maldonado-Santiago worked to better himself this past summer via a study-abroad 程序 in India. The opportunity, which took him to Delhi and the Himalayan foothills for six weeks as part of the 国防部全球项目官员 程序, exposed him to the Hindi language and allowed him to build his leadership skills with fellow ROTC students from across the United States.

“这是一种文化沉浸,你要努力学习语言, but it’s also to see how you react as a leader under different circumstances,他说. “I was actually voted by everybody in the 程序 to be the best team lead.”

Maldonado-Santiago’s study-abroad experience literally and symbolically showed just how far he’s come, as it brought full circle a family joke that started with his grandfather.

“There’s a running joke in my family that whenever they would go somewhere, 家里有人会问, “det365登录网站要去哪儿??’我爷爷总是说,‘det365登录网站要去喜马拉雅山! 看到那个笑话很有趣, 那不可能的, 这这不可能会发生笑话, 成为现实,他说.




马尔多纳多-圣地亚哥将于2019年5月毕业,并获得学士学位 电信 辅修军事研究. Following his commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States 空军, he will begin his career with a one-year assignment as a Gold Bar Recruiter—one of only 30 nationwide—to recruit the next generation of 空军 Officers. 完成这项任务后, Maldonado-Santiago will begin training as an 空军 Acquisitions Program Manager, 他和他的fiancée将在哪里开始他们的现役服役.


空军后备军官训练队 at det365登录网站 is an educational 程序 designed to prepare students for a commission while earning their baccalaureate degree. The 空军后备军官训练队 程序 consists of general military and professional officer academic courses, 空军领导实验室, 实地培训, 和身体健康. The education and experience gained through the 程序 prepares future 空军 leaders to serve their country in an exciting and challenging career.


Recognizing the best learning environments are not limited to classrooms, the 唐纳德·P. 贝利萨里奥传播学院 使用经过验证的方法帮助学生为成功做好准备. 作为全国同类项目中最大的认证项目, 强调课堂教学, campus media opportunities and career preparation represents the core of the educational philosophy. 教师 members blend strong academic and professional backgrounds and possess a commitment to excellence in teaching, 研究与服务.